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At Dalyn Miller PR, we are not just a communications agency but your strategic partner in brand growth. Our comprehensive services portfolio spans public relations, strategic planning, brand consulting & management, media training, and corporate communications, all tailored to enhance your online brand presence.


Our approach allows us to translate brand insights into actionable, platform-building solutions that significantly increase visibility. As your devoted communications partner, we meticulously craft messages and marketing strategies, ensuring your voice reverberates across media platforms and within your target market.

With Dalyn Miller PR, a tailored communications journey awaits - a journey that amplifies your message, creates a lasting impact in the marketplace, and propels your brand toward sustainable success. Embark on this transformative journey with us, and let's refine and amplify your brand narrative together.

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The cornerstone of our media-relations program, comprehensive campaigns will place you across multiple channels through ongoing pitching and media follow-up. We work with proven contacts in television, radio, print, and digital media to capture viable and effective placements for our clients.  


What we watch and how we watch it has changed significantly over the past decade. We carefully track established and upcoming television shows in both the streaming and cable television markets in order to place you in front of millions of viewers when it matters the most.


Developing a product or service is one thing, branding your new business is quite another.  We work with our clients to define their identity, develop message points and create a visibility plan that effectively introduces them to the marketplace.   


Whether hyper-local or a specific region of the country or world, we help you connect with the market through mindful media placements that provide value to the residents and professionals in the area while providing visibility to you.


Alone or in conjunction with our strategic partners we offer consulting services for all facets of our business and in all practice areas. From media relations to identity branding or publishing to product launches, we can help you make the right decisions for your business.


Our premier service places experts, authors, and thought leaders as guests on value-aligned podcasts to share their expertise with a fully-engaged listener and grow their visibility both nationwide and around the world. Learn more at



Dalyn A. Miller

Dalyn A. Miller

founder | ceo

Corinne Calasky

Corinne Calasky

operations manager

Jimmy Dwyer

Jimmy Dwyer

operations manager

Diana Breneiser

Diana Breneiser

database manager

Jenna Bellar

Jenna Bellar

account manager

Madison Blask

Madison Blask

account manager



Matthew Muller.jpeg

We'd worked with several different PR firms, and couldn't find a firm that delivered without having to do their work for them. Dalyn Miller and his team filled that gap – we didn't believe that a firm like his existed. We've referred several clients to him already, and have been extremely happy with the growth from all of the wins that they have delivered!

Matthew Mueller, CEO, Knot Standard

DMPR has booked podcast tours for several North Star Way authors. We and our authors have been delighted by their professionalism, attention to detail and follow through. Our authors have been very pleased with their tours, and with this extensive reach. Podcasts are a great way to make the most of our marketing dollars.

Michele Martin, VP Simon & Schuster, Publisher North Star Way

Michele Martin_edited.jpg

Dalyn and his team held my hand the whole way and made an unfamiliar task fun, exciting & effective. I am grateful they pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me exposure that I could never have gotten on my own.

Peter Papas, CEO & Founder, Blade & Blue

Peter Papas.jpeg

Most writers work independently, it is in their nature to be solitary. And allowing someone else to talk about your work for you may seem daunting, but DMPR made a point of answering questions, offering solutions, and thinking outside the box when it came to promoting my work. When you start on the promotion train, you never know where your book will end up - but that’s the inherent beauty of it. As a writer, you may think that your focus is local or specific, but oftentimes it is greater than that. DMPR knows how to take your oeuvre and share it with a bigger audience than you think you can reach.

Simon A. Thibault, Author, Pantry & Palate

Simon Thibault_edited.jpg
Nancy Hughes.jpeg

Dalyn Miller PR answers emails almost instantly, is always looking for new avenues to get the word out and I’m happy to say…is looking out for me! When setting up interviews, they make sure I have all the information I need at hand, plus whenever possible, they include side notes of the interviewer to give me a bit more insight on them whether it’s their personality, knowledge level of [the topic] or just things in general! They’re very positive and very “there for me.” I’m honored to have them on my side!

Nancy S. Hughes, Author & Food Consultant

Dalyn Miller PR is the most creative, client-focused, results-oriented PR firm I've ever worked with. Dalyn's creativity and versatility make his firm a great choice for any author or publisher.

Holly Schmidt, President, Hollan Publishing

Holly Schmidt.jpeg
JJ Virgin.webp

My Mindshare Collaborative is made up of top health and wellness entrepreneurs in North America. When connecting them to outside experts to help amplify their brands I have to be careful who I send them to. It’s not only my reputation on the line but the reputation of an organization I’ve spent years building. After working with Dalyn and his team to book me on several podcasts, I knew I could trust them with the collaborative to manage their bookings with absolute professionalism and know-how every single time. They are my go-to team for podcast booking.

JJ Virgin, Fitness Expert, 4x NYTimes Bestselling Author

When my publisher hired Dalyn and his team to promote my book I was blown away by their effectiveness and professionalism. After that campaign I knew if I was going to grow my personal brand this was the agency with the integrity, commitment and creativity to help me. I couldn't be happier and I'm certain I've made the right investment.

Kathleen Trotter, Author, Finding Your Fit and Your Fittest Future Self

Dana Carpender.jpeg

After selling millions of copies of my books I am living my dream life... and a lot of the credit for that goes to Dalyn Miller. Sure, I wrote good books at the right time. But with Dalyn's help, I appeared on The Today Show, hit the #1 spot at, and made the USA Today Bestseller List all in one week. I went on to do more national TV, multiple appearances on QVC, and landed a syndication deal with United Features Syndicate (a deal which Dalyn expertly brokered). It all added up to my ability to put the words "bestselling author" in front of my name.

Dana Carpender, Bestselling Author, 500 Low-Carb Recipes

Working with DMPR was a great way to effectively launch my first book: The Think Big Movement. They immediately got me booked on many podcasts and interviews to help me promote my book through the first three months of my launch. My biggest mistake was not hiring them early enough to launch my book.

Jon Dwoskin, Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Author The Think Big Movement

Jon Dwoskin.webp

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